Create your own Audio/Video one-on-one live sessions platform

Turn your knowledge into profit.

Your own brand

Whether you or your team has an expertise, and wants to supply one-on-one live consultancy sessions via a responsive web/mobile web application, Gurulize has you covered.

Ready Virtual POS

All minute/session package sales are charged via "Gurulize payment center" Gurulize has integration with the most popular payment services like paramPOS, Wirecard, mobile payments and Stripe. Payments are monthly.

Free setup

Gurulize's pricing model is based on revenue share so it is %100 free to setup. Only a small percentage for the setup and maintenance of the whole application.

Video, Audio or Messaging

Communicate online with all parties that need to reach you/your expertise and charge your consultancy sessions.

Sample Business Applications

Gurulize Demo 1
Gurulize Demo 2
Gurulize Demo 3
Gurulize Demo 4

Your own online business

Gurulize, makes you the owner of your own startup where you can market your online audio/video consultancy services.

Regardless of your expertise area, you don’t need to have an office, secretary and other cost centers to start and grow your own business.

It is easy to setup and customize Without having any technical knowledge.